Rent to Own

Capital equipment purchase can be problematic in business so as an alternative, rental with an option to purchase could well be the ideal solution.

We rent you the equipment you're interested in for 6 months and then at the end of that time, you get the option to return the kit, continue with the rental or buy it for only £1!

  • We give you a price per week for a 6 month rental period

  • We will invoice you monthly

  • At the end of the 6 months you we send you a letter with 3 options

    1. Return to unit to us to end the rental

    2. Continue with the rental at the same rate

    3. Purchase the equipment for only £1

Our standard conditions of sale and  terms and conditions of Rental apply where appropriate.

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Important Information

Product appearance may differ from actual product. Rental Terms and Conditions apply. 1 Week Rental refund applies when purchasing a new instrument/system after choosing for the Risk Free Rental option. Castle Group is committed to protecting your privacy - Privacy Policy. All orders are subject to Castle’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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